Scientists Identify New Genetic Interactions that May Impact Cancer Outcomes

In a new research study, scientists at the University of Maryland and the National Cancer Institute recognized 12 unique kinds of gene-pair interactions in which differing levels of expression... Read more »

Genetic Diversity Maps to Help Forests Survive Climate Change

There is issue that climate change is taking place too quick for forests to adjust, so researchers are providing an assisting hand. Image credit – Mehdi Pringarbe/INRA Avignon, certified... Read more »

Genetic Study of Familial Leukemia Solves 30-Year Medical Mystery

KevinShannon, MD, has actually been studying the genes of familial monosomy 7 condition for 30 years. A decades-old medical mystery has actually been fixed by scientists at UC San... Read more »

161 Genetic Factors for Myopia Identified

The worldwide Consortium for Refractive Error and Myopia (CREAM) just recently released the worldwide biggest genetic research study of myopia in NatureGenetics Researchers from the Gutenberg Health Study at... Read more »