Honey bees rally to their queen via ‘game of telephone’ | Science

“Buzz. Buzz. The queen is that way,” stated one honey bee to another. “Pass it on.” Honey bees can’t speak, of course, however researchers have actually discovered that the... Read more »

‘Failure is part of the game’: Indian spacecraft presumed lost after moon landing attempt | Science

The Vikram lander was expected to launch a briefcase-size rover from its stomach. ISRO India’s attempt to land near the south pole of the moon, part of the Chandrayaan-2... Read more »

‘A Three-Player Game’ – Science and Technology Research News

From delegated right: Yanxian Lin, Songi Han, Yann Fichou Image Credit: SONIA FERNANDEZ Amongst the significant difficulties of studying Alzheimer’s illness and other dementia- associated brain conditions: modeling and... Read more »