What’s the future of vaccines linked to rare clotting disorders? Science breaks down the latest | Science

A male gets the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in Pará state in Brazil on 17 April. The vaccine is the foundation of an international strategy to end the pandemic. JOAO PAULO GUIMARAES/AFP... Read more »

In the Future, This Electricity-Free Tech Could Help Cool Buildings in Metro Areas

An illustration illustrates how the brand-new radiative cooling system may search a roof, with many systems of the system positioned side-by-side to cover a big surface area. Credit: Soondi... Read more »

Collaboration Unlocks New Magnetic Properties for Future, Faster, Low-Energy Spintronics

Spintronic gadgets utilize a quantum home referred to as ‘spin’, in addition to the electronic ‘charge‘ utilized in standard electronic devices. A single ‘bit’ of a traditional gadget can... Read more »

Monkey-Infecting Virus May Provide Part of Future HIV Vaccine

“We’ve shown here that one can use shapes from chimpanzee-infecting SIV to stimulate the production of antibodies against the human-infecting HIV,” states co-senior author Dennis Burton, PhD, the James... Read more »

Level the Playing Field to Keep Future Swim Stars in the Water – Science and Technology Research News

The University of Sydney and Swimming Australia are teaming up on a world-first task examining the effect development spurts and various rates of advancement have on efficiency and continuous... Read more »

Toward a Future Quantum Internet

Teacher Hoi-Kwong Lo (ECE) and his partners have actually carried out a proof-of-principle experiment on a crucial element of all-photonic quantum repeaters (Picture: Jessica MacInnis) U of T Engineering... Read more »

A Major Step Closer to a Viable Recording Material for Future Hard Disk Drives

Magnetic recording is the main technology underpinning today’s massive information storage. Now, business are racing to establish brand-new hard drive gadgets (HDDs) efficient in recording densities higher than 1... Read more »

Multi-functional Quantum Bits for Future Computers

Laser light can be utilized to optically read out quantum signs up based upon spin states of single unusual earth ions in a crystalline membrane. (Photo: Thomas Hümmer). Compared... Read more »

Perovskites – Materials of the Future in Optical Communication

. . . . “Perovskites of inorganic materials have a huge potential to influence the development of optical communication. These materials have rapid response times, are simple to manufacture,... Read more »

Future Electronic Components to Be Printed like Newspapers

Roll-to- roll laser-induced superplasticity, a brand-new fabrication technique, prints metals at the nanoscale required for making electronic gadgets ultrafast. (PurdueUniversity image/RamsesMartinez). A brand-new production strategy utilizes a procedure comparable... Read more »