First peanut allergy treatment gains backing from FDA advisory panel | Science

By Jennifer Couzin-FrankelSep. 13, 2019 , 5: 15 PM After 8 hours of controversial conversation, an advisory committee to the U.S. Fda (FDA) today backed the efficiency of a first-of-its-kind... Read more »

FDA tries to take the reins on regulating cultured meat | Science

Fried “chicken” from cells grown in tradition by Memphis Meats. Memphis Meats COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND—There could also be a turf battle on between two U.S. federal businesses over who... Read more »

FDA just approved the first drug to prevent migraines. Here’s the story of its discovery—and its limitations | Science

* Update, 18 May, 10 a.m.: The Other Day, the United States Fda approved the first in a new class of drugs developed to avoid migraines. This function, initially... Read more »