Milk fueled Bronze Age expansion of ‘eastern cowboys’ into Europe | Science

More than 5000 years earlier, wanderers understood today as the Yamnaya rumbled out of the meadows of modern-day Russia and Ukraine in heavy, ox-drawn wagons. Within simply a couple... Read more »

Rain in sub-Saharan Africa can mean more butterflies in Europe | Science

Painted woman butterflies carry out among the longest recognized yearly pest migrations. Andy Rouse The “butterfly effect” might have everything incorrect. Instead of a single pest’s wing flap triggering... Read more »

Last ice age wiped out people in East Asia as well as Europe | Science

DNA from this 40,000-year-old jawbone discovered in China’s Tianyuan Cave supports the existence of numerous populations of modern-day people in ancient East Asia. Shaoguang Zhang/Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and... Read more »

Geologists uncover history of lost continent buried beneath Europe | Science

About 140 million years earlier, Greater Adria—which later on got pushed beneath southern Europe—was a Greenland-size landmass (immersed parts in gray-green) south of the continent. van Hinsbergen et al., Gondwana... Read more »

Image of the Day: Migrating Storks

Ornithologists tagged 27 juvenile birds to track the method they utilize updrafts of air heated up by the sun to move over fars away. GPS information visualization of 27... Read more »