A climate model developed by ISGlobal provides long-term predictions of ‘El Niño’ events

Although a number of functional climate designs are capable of forecasting El Niño events, they cannot carry out long-term anticipates over half a year beforehand. Now, a group from... Read more »

First evidence that soot from polluted air is reaching placenta

Paris,France: Evidence of small particles of carbon, usually produced by burning nonrenewable fuel sources, has actually been discovered in placentas for the very first time, in brand-new research study... Read more »

UA center receives $6.9 million grant to continue environmental health research in arid climates

IMAGE: Researchersin the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center research study the impacts of environmental direct exposures to people, especially in aridclimates see more Credit: Alli Benjamin, APR TheSouthwest Environmental... Read more »