Engineers 3-D Print Flexible Mesh for Ankle and Knee Braces

MIT engineers 3-D-print elastic mesh, with personalized patterns developed to be flexible yet strong, for usage in ankle and knee braces.Image: Felice Frankel Listening devices, oral crowns, and limb... Read more »

Engineers Boost Potential for Creating Successor to Shrinking Transistors

Dr. Kyeongjae Cho, teacher of products science and engineering, and his UT Dallas partners established the basic physics of a multi-value reasoning transistor based upon zinc oxide. Computer systems... Read more »

Beyond the Beaker: 3M scientists tell their stories

“I’m not a science person.” The number of times have you heard somebody state that? Despite the fact that 2019 State of Science Index by 3M shows that 87... Read more »

Engineers Harvest Heart’s Energy to Power Life-Saving Devices

Making of the 2 styles of the heart energy harvesting gadget. (Cover art by Patricio Sarzosa. Download) The heart’s movement is so effective that it can charge devices that... Read more »

Engineers Produce Smallest 3-D Transistor yet

Utilizing a brand-new production strategy, MIT scientists made a 3-D transistor less than half the width these days’s slimmest business designs, which might assist pack much more transistors onto... Read more »

UCLA Engineers Develop Artificial Intelligence Device That Identifies Objects at the Speed of Light

The network, made up of a series of polymer layers, works utilizing light that takes a trip through it. Each layer is 8 centimeters square. OzcanResearch Group/UCLA A group... Read more »

MIT Engineers Build Smart Power Outlet

A group of MIT engineers has actually established a “smart power outlet” through a gadget that can evaluate electrical present use from a single or several outlets. Image: Christine... Read more »

MIT Engineers Configure RFID Tags to Work as Sensors

MIT scientists are establishing RFID sticker labels that notice their environment, allowing low-priced tracking of chemicals and other signals in the environment. Image: Chelsea Turner, MIT These days, lots... Read more »

Engineers Design Color-Changing Compression Bandage

Engineers at MIT have actually established pressure-sensing photonic fibers that they have actually woven into a common compression bandage. Courtesy of the scientists Compression treatment is a basic kind... Read more »