Printed Electronics Open Way for Electrified Tattoos and Personalized Biosensors

2 digitally active leads straight printed along the underside of Duke college student Nick Williams’s pinky effectively illuminate an LED when a voltage is used. Electrical engineers at Duke... Read more »

New Synthesis Method Opens up Possibilities for Organic Electronics

Figure 1. New direct arylation polycondensation method unlocks to manufacture numerous appealing n-type semiconducting polymers Researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech) customize a previous synthesis method to... Read more »

Breakthrough Material Could Lead To Cheaper, More Widespread Solar Panels And Other Electronics

College student Tika Kafle (dealing with video camera) deals with the time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy setup. Credit: Cody Howard/University of Kansas. Envision printing electronic gadgets utilizing an easy inkjet printer... Read more »

Antennas of Flexible Nanotube Films an Alternative for Electronics

Metal-free antennas made of thin, strong, flexible carbon nanotube films are as effective as typical copper antennas, according to a brand-new research study by Rice University scientists. Picture by... Read more »

Machine Learning Could Help Scientists Invent Flexible Electronics

Postdoctoral fellow Nick Jackson established a much faster method of developing molecular designs by utilizing artificial intelligence, which could cause brand-new products for flexible electronics to name a few... Read more »

Organic Electronics: Scientists Develop a High-Performance Unipolar N-Type Thin-Film Transistor

Scientist making thin-film transistors Left: Tsuyoshi Michinobu, right: Yang Wang. Scientists at Tokyo Tech report a unipolar n-type transistor with a world-leading electron movement efficiency of as much as... Read more »

Solar-Powered Supercapacitors Could Create Flexible, Wearable Electronics

A development in energy storage technology could bring a brand-new generation of flexible electronic gadgets to life, consisting of solar-powered prosthetics for amputees. In a brand-new paper released in... Read more »

New Material to Push the Boundaries of Silicon-Based Electronics

The electronics market is growing continuously therefore is the need for progressively compact and effective power electronic systems. The primary electronic elements based upon silicon will in foreseeable future... Read more »

Technique Allows Integration of Single-Crystal Hybrid Perovskites Into Electronics

Looking east throughout school towards downtown Raleigh on a bright Spring day. PICTURE BY ROGER WINSTEAD A worldwide group of scientists has actually established a technique that, for the... Read more »

Panasonic Utilizes 100% Renewable Energy to Power the Consumer Electronics Recycling Plant

Not just has Panasonic Group’s consumer electronics recycling plant, Panasonic Eco Technology Center Co.,Ltd (PETEC) made efforts over the years to lower the energy taken in, it has actually... Read more »