Electronic Chip Mimics the Brain to Make Memories in a Flash

RMIT scientists drew motivation from an emerging tool in biotechnology – optogenetics – to establish a gadget that reproduces the method the brain shops and loses details. Optogenetics permits... Read more »

Laser Technology Supports the Path to Printed Electronic Diversity – Science and Technology Research News

Direct printing: The Fraunhofer ILT is showing a pressure gauge sensing unit that can be used straight and instantly to the part thanks to a mix of printing and... Read more »

Water Resistant and Self-Healing Electronic Skin

A group of NUS scientists led by Assistant Teacher Benjamin Tee (back row, right) from NUS Products Science and Engineering produced a transparent electronic skin that repair work itself... Read more »

Understanding the Building Blocks for an Electronic Brain

The brain transcends to conventional computer systems in lots of methods. Brain cells utilize less energy, procedure info much faster and are more versatile. The manner in which brain... Read more »

Future Electronic Components to Be Printed like Newspapers

Roll-to- roll laser-induced superplasticity, a brand-new fabrication technique, prints metals at the nanoscale required for making electronic gadgets ultrafast. (PurdueUniversity image/RamsesMartinez). A brand-new production strategy utilizes a procedure comparable... Read more »

Electronic Stickers to Streamline Large-Scale ‘Internet of Things’

. . . . Billionsof items varying from mobile phones and watches to structures, device parts and medical gadgets have actually ended up being cordless sensing units of their... Read more »

Electronic Skin Stretched to New Limits

. . An electrically conductive hydrogel that takes stretchability, self-healing and stress level of sensitivity to new limits has actually been established at KAUST. “Our material outperforms all previously... Read more »

Non-Toxic Filamentous Virus Helps Quickly Dissipate Heat Generated by Electronic Devices

. . . . . Figure 1. Schematic representations. ( a) Phage and (b) hexagonally put together structures of the phages in the movie. Organic polymeric products typically have... Read more »