Top stories: Francis Collins’ decade, the upside of melting Arctic ice, and ‘ethical’ eggs | Science

(LEFT TO RIGHT) STEPHEN VOSS; NYXOLYNO CANGEMI/U.S. COAST GUARD; SELEGGT For a decade, Francis Collins has shielded NIH—while making waves of his own This month marks geneticist Francis Collins’s... Read more »

This is the first known sea turtle—and it laid hard eggs | Science

Edwin Cadena Unlike all contemporary sea turtles, which lay eggs with soft, flexible shells, the earliest known sea turtle transferred eggs with hard, mineralized shells on the beach, a... Read more »

Image of the Day: Eggshell Edifice

A brand-new 3-D design plumbs the molecular complexities of eggshell structure. 3-D restoration of a nanostructured area of a bird eggshell D. ANTHANASIADOU ET AL. Bird eggs– and the... Read more »