Personalized RNA drugs may soon be available for more rare genetic diseases | Science

Three years earlier, neurologist Tim Yu shocked coworkers at the American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG) yearly conference with news that in simply 10 months, his group at Boston... Read more »

New Potential Antiviral Drug For COVID-19 Shows Promise

The trial drug TEMPOL might be a promising oral antiviral treatment for COVID-19, as per another investigation of cell societies by a group of analysts that incorporates Penn State... Read more »

Repurposed Drugs Could Cure These Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Mohamed Seleem, a teacher of microbiology at Purdue, is studying whether FDA-approved drugs can deal with antibiotic-resistant infections. (Purdue University photo/Rebecca Wilcox) Download image With antimicrobial resistance growing, lots... Read more »

Nano-Vehicles Deliver Drugs Where They’re Needed

The substance abuse to deal with severe illness such as cancer and Alzheimer’s aren’t almost as efficient as they might be. For Alzheimer’s, just 30 % of clients react... Read more »

Top stories: The science of false confessions, transforming blood types, and Brazil’s war on drugs | Science

(delegated right): DREW GURIAN; ISTOCK.COM/ARINDAM GHOSH; FABIO TEIXEIRA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES This psychologist explains why people confess to crimes they didn’t commit False confessions are remarkably typical. That’s in part since... Read more »

Microbiome Could Be Culprit When Good Drugs Do Harm

Individuals in some cases suffer harmful adverse effects from drugs that assist lots of others. Yale researchers have actually recognized an unexpected description — the... Read more »

For some multiple sclerosis patients, knocking out the immune system might work better than drugs | Science

Blood stem cells (portrayed here, yellow, in bone marrow) regrowed the immune system after chemotherapy in a brand-new trial for multiple sclerosis. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/Science Source In multiple sclerosis... Read more »

Drugs That Stop Mosquitoes Catching Malaria Could Help Eradicate the Disease

Male malaria parasite sexual phase ending up being active. Credit: Sabrina Yahiya Preventing transmission of malaria is a crucial part of efforts to get rid of the disease. An... Read more »

Can medical marijuana help treat intractable epilepsy?

A brand-new BritishJournal of Clinical Pharmacology evaluation analyzes the capacity of medical marijuana– or medical marijuana– for assisting clients with intractable epilepsy, where seizures cannot come under control with... Read more »

Mylan, lambasted for EpiPen price hikes, complains of overpriced anti-HIV drugs in the United States | Science

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