Physics Nobel honors the discovery of exoplanets and the evolution of the universe | Science

Kay Nietfeld/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images The 2019 Nobel Reward in Physics has actually been granted to 3 researchers for their discovery of worlds outside the planetary system and operate in understanding... Read more »

How to Speed up the Discovery of New Solar Cell Materials

Diagram illustrates the series of actions utilized in the new structured procedure to manufacture perovskite-based materials, deposit them on a substrate to develop a thin movie, and after that... Read more »

Nano-Signature Discovery Could Revolutionise Cancer Diagnosis

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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? .. Wait, it IS a Plane?!

For the very first time, MIT researchers have established the first-ever aircraft that has NO moving parts. This radical method towards flying is in the form of a very small, light-weight and essentially... Read more »

Fujitsu Technology to Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems for Medium-Sized Drug Discovery

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Accelerating Scientific Discovery Through Code Optimization on Many-Core Processors

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