Chip Design Drastically Reduces Energy Needed to Compute with Light

A brand-new photonic chip design drastically reduces energy needed to compute with light, with simulations recommending it might run optical neural networks 10 million times more effectively than its... Read more »

Researchers Design a More Durable MEMS Switch

Towfighian Researchers from Binghamton University’s Mechanical Engineering Department have actually established a method to make cell phones and power lines more durable. Assistant Teacher Sherry Towfighian and college student... Read more »

Engineers Design Color-Changing Compression Bandage

Engineers at MIT have actually established pressure-sensing photonic fibers that they have actually woven into a common compression bandage. Courtesy of the scientists Compression treatment is a basic kind... Read more »

New Design Produces True Lithium-Air Battery

The speculative lithium-air battery. (Image: Amin Salehi-Khojin.). Scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago and at Argonne National Lab have actually developed a brand-new lithium-air battery that operates... Read more »

Design Approach Developed for New Catalysts for Energy Conversion and Storage

Northwestern University scientists have actually found a brand-new technique for producing essential brand-new drivers to assist in tidy energy conversion and storage. The style technique likewise has the prospective... Read more »