Top stories: Mite-proof bees, dark matter ‘bullets,’ and the tiny monkeys replanting the Amazon | Science

(delegated right): KRISPN GIVEN/HARPUR LAB/PURDUE UNIVERSITY; KOVACEVICMIRO/ISTOCKPHOTO; ANDREA SCHELL Breeders toughen up bees to resist deadly mites The current increase of Varroa destructor, a kind of mite that lives... Read more »

If this type of dark matter existed, people would be dying of unexplained ‘gunshot’ wounds | Science

kovacevicmiro/iStockPhoto Dark matter, the mystical compound that comprises most of the mass of deep space, has actually shown infamously tough to identify. However researchers have actually now proposed an... Read more »

Dark Proteome as the Focus of a New Priority Program

Dark proteome: The new DFG Priority Program intends to clarify the molecular systems that happen in the protein beads. picture/ ©: Gemma EstradaGirona ProfessorEdward Lemke will be collaborating a... Read more »

Search for superlight dark matter particles heats up | Science

Mark Stone/University of Washington The hunt for wispy particles called axions, which may comprise the dark matter whose gravity keeps galaxies from breaking down, is warming up. The Axion... Read more »