A Gentle Grip on Gelatinous Creatures

A brand-new ultra-soft gripper established at the Wyss Institute and Baruch College utilizes fettuccini-like silicone “fingers” pumped up with water to carefully however securely grasp jellyfish and launch them... Read more »

This Australian farmer is saving fossils of some of the planet’s weirdest, most ancient creatures | Science

Ross Fargher, rancher and landowner of Nilpena livestock station, in his wool shed. JASON IRVING NILPENA LIVESTOCK STATION IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA—Fly over the livestock station here in a Cessna 172... Read more »

Quaillike creatures were the only birds to survive the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact | Science

This artist’s restoration illustrates the sort of bird most likely to endure the asteroid’s intense consequences. Phillip M. Krzeminski Researchers have actually long questioned simply the number of birds... Read more »