Intensive Blood Pressure Control May Slow Age-Related Brain Damage

Scanning for White Matter LesionsNIH moneyed research study discovered link in between high blood pressure and white matter sores. Arrows highlight examples of sores seen on magnetic resonance imaging... Read more »

DGIST Discovers Control of Cell Signaling Using a Cobalt (Iii)–Nitrosyl Complex

Professor Jaeheung Cho (front left) – Professor Daeha Seo (front right), and research team in the Department of Emerging Materials Science Two professors’ joint research team discovered how to... Read more »

How to Control Robots with Brainwaves and Hand Gestures

A system established at MIT enables a human manager to fix a robot’s errors utilizing gestures and brainwaves. Photo: Joseph DelPreto/MIT CSAIL Gettingrobots to do things isn’t really simple:... Read more »

Researchers Seek to Improve Quality Control for Nanomanufacturing

Scientists from the University of Houston are establishing a brand-new quality assurance tool for constant nanomanufacturing, an essential action in moving nanodevices from the laboratory to the real life.... Read more »