In a conservation first, a cloned ferret could help save her species | Science

A variation of this story appeared in Science, Vol 375, Issue 6577. Last month, at a conservation center near Fort Collins, Colorado, staffers held an uncommon birthday celebration, total... Read more »

First ever high-seas conservation treaty would protect life in international waters | Science

Future reserves might disallow deep-sea trawlers from much of the high seas. © GREENPEACE/ROGER GRACE No flag can declare the high seas, however lots of countries exploit them. As... Read more »

Art gets ‘caldera-like’ acne, too. This tool could help clear it up.

Georgia O’Keeffe is popular for her flowers—sexual red canna lilies, hypnotic Jimson weed, flowering calla lilies. However a more spiritual topic might have been the Pedernal mesa, a renowned... Read more »

Image of the Day: Ray of Light

The discovery of the world’s very first recognized manta ray nursery will provide a glance into the animals’ juvenile phase. Read more »