An Industrial Collaboration for Thermally Controlled 3D-Printed Metal/Polymer Components

3D printed aluminum- and stainless steel-based columns. Imagen: Ester Palmero. Among the primary technological difficulties when attempting to integrate metal particles with polymers for the fabrication of practical composites... Read more »

Dynamic Hydrogel Used to Make ‘Soft Robot’ Components and LEGO

Re-attached A brand-new sort of hydrogel product established at Brown has the capability to respond dynamically to its environment—flexing, twisting and self-adhering as needed. Above, the scientists showed self-adhering... Read more »

Future Electronic Components to Be Printed like Newspapers

Roll-to- roll laser-induced superplasticity, a brand-new fabrication technique, prints metals at the nanoscale required for making electronic gadgets ultrafast. (PurdueUniversity image/RamsesMartinez). A brand-new production strategy utilizes a procedure comparable... Read more »

Integrating Optical Components into Existing Chip Designs

Scientists have actually established a strategy for putting together on-chip optics and electronic independently, which allows using more contemporary transistor innovations. Image: Amir Atabaki 2 and a half years... Read more »