Unprecedented drought in an artificial ecosystem may reveal how rainforests will cope with climate change | Science

The Biosphere 2 rain forest greenhouse, constructed in Arizona in the late 1980s, includes 90 plant types. ALPHA STOCK/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Earlier this month, the doors to the tropical... Read more »

Climate Change to Make Hot Droughts Hotter in the US Southern Plains

Droughts are reoccurring, disruptive weather condition occasions whose effects are typically intensified by severe and extended heat waves. Now a brand-new NOAA research study in the Journal of Climate cautions that in the currently... Read more »

Converting carbon dioxide into gasoline, and ‘autofocal’ glasses with lenses that change shape on the fly | Science

: N. Padmanaban et al., Science Advances 2019 Chemists have actually long understood how to convert carbon dioxide into fuels—however up previously, such procedures have actually been too costly... Read more »

Humans held responsible for twists and turns of climate change since 1900 | Science

Soot from market in Europe and the United States drove Arctic warming a century back. Universal History Archive/UIG/Getty Images While market and farming burped greenhouse gases at an increasing... Read more »

‘Viruses Can Change an Entire Population in a Very Short Time’ – Science and Technology Research News

To name a few things, Man Reeves handles the effects of the release of genetically customized organisms for the environment.© G. Reeves With its yearly report “Environment Frontiers”, the... Read more »

Just 10% of U.S. plastic gets recycled. A new kind of plastic could change that | Science

Jie Zhao/Corbis through Getty Images A lot of plastics have a chemical history that makes beginning a new life a difficulty. The dyes and flame retardants that make them... Read more »

Genetic Diversity Maps to Help Forests Survive Climate Change

There is issue that climate change is taking place too quick for forests to adjust, so researchers are providing an assisting hand. Image credit – Mehdi Pringarbe/INRA Avignon, certified... Read more »

Climate change doubters are finalists for Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board | Science

JohnChristy (left) is amongst the prospects for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board. MIKE THEILER/UPI/NEWSCOM Originally published by E&E News Finalistsfor the EnvironmentalProtection Agency’s (EPA’s) Science Advisory Board... Read more »

Moving DNA to a different part of the nucleus can change how it works | Science

H. Wang et al., Cell10.1016(2018) Thoughthe 3 meters of DNA inside the nuclei of our cells appears like a jumbled stack of spaghetti, the genome is, in reality, quite... Read more »

Climate Change May Drive 10% of Amphibian Species in Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest to Extinction

Climate conditions anticipate for 2050 and 2070 will be possibly deadly to species less adjusted to climate variation, according to Brazilian scientists (Aplastodiscus arildae/ picture: Bruno T. M. do... Read more »