DGIST Achieves the Highest Efficiency of Flexible CZTSSe Thin-Film Solar Cell

▲Dr. Jin-Kyu Kang in the Department of Energy Technology (middle) and the research study group DGIST Department of Energy Technology achieves the highest photoelectric conversion efficiency in the worldHuge... Read more »

MIT’s Research Enterprise In Singapore Launches New Research Group, Boosting Nation’s Cell Therapies R&d

MIT’s Research Enterprise in Singapore, SMART, launches a new research group, Important Analytics for Production Personalized-Medicine (CAMP), as part of Singapore’s National Cell Production Effort to conquer clinical and... Read more »

DGIST Discovers Control of Cell Signaling Using a Cobalt (Iii)–Nitrosyl Complex

Professor Jaeheung Cho (front left) – Professor Daeha Seo (front right), and research team in the Department of Emerging Materials Science Two professors’ joint research team discovered how to... Read more »

How to Speed up the Discovery of New Solar Cell Materials

Diagram illustrates the series of actions utilized in the new structured procedure to manufacture perovskite-based materials, deposit them on a substrate to develop a thin movie, and after that... Read more »

Study Shows MD Anderson-Developed Drug Effective in Overcoming Ibrutinib Resistance in Mantle Cell Lymphoma – Science and Technology Research News

A study at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center showed how a little particle drug found at the organization might assist get rid of resistance to treatment with ibrutinib... Read more »

New Gel for Liver Cell Culture on Microchips

The product includes 2 parts that are blended in water, together with living cells. A spontaneous chain reaction occurs that triggers the parts to form a hydrated gel, a... Read more »

Stem Cell Growth Accelerated by Tropoelastin Protein

Fluorescently identified mesenchymal stem cells growing on tropoelastin. Tropoelastin, the raw product utilized to produce ‘MeTro’ flexible surgical glue established with the University of Sydney, has actually been discovered... Read more »

Oxford PV and Oxford University Partnership to Develop an All-Perovskite Solar Cell

OxfordPV’s perovskite solar cell research study and advancement center in Oxford, UK. Oxford PVTM — The Perovskite Co mpanyTM, the leader in the field of perovskite solar batteries, today... Read more »

New Transistor Concept, Solar Cell Included

ICN2 scientists have actually established an unique principle in transistor technology: a two-in-one source of power plus transistor gadget that operates on solar power. Released in Advanced Practical Products... Read more »