Scientists use nanoparticles to improve chemotherapy response, boost anti-tumor immunity

IMAGE: ( L to R) Mohammad Ali Amini,Ph D. prospect in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy and Xiao Yu (Shirley) Wu, senior... Read more »

Nanoparticle therapy could deliver double blow to cancer

A brand-new cancer therapy utilizing nanoparticles to deliver a mix therapy direct to cancer cells could be on the horizon, thanks to research study from the University of EastAnglia... Read more »

Surrey develops ground-breaking flexible X-ray detector

Detectors that are currently utilized for mammograms and for dosage measurements in radiotherapy are typically stiff, triggering mistakes in screening, or dosage shipment to surrounding healthy tissue. This has... Read more »

Targeted radiotherapy for breast cancer offers good quality of life and fewer side effects

Barcelona, Spain: Lifestyle for ladies treated with a more targeted radiotherapy treatment – called sped up partial breast irradiation – is at least as excellent as lifestyle for ladies... Read more »

Wound-Healing in Mice Triggers Growth of Dormant Tumors

Dealing with mice with anti-inflammatory drugs following surgical treatment lowered the size of growths. ISTOCK, SIDSNAPPER The wound-healing procedure after cancer surgical treatment can trigger inactive growths to start... Read more »

Breast cancer detected in transmen undergoing mastectomy

The variety of transmen looking for gender-confirming surgical treatment has actually increased in the previous years. In a paper released in the British Journal of Surgical Treatment evaluating breast... Read more »