Barnyard breakthrough: Researchers successfully potty train cows | Science

“Why not just potty train the cows?” That’s what a radio jockey asked animal behaviorist Lindsay Matthews throughout a 2007 interview about how cow urine damages the environment. The... Read more »

Breakthrough Material Could Lead To Cheaper, More Widespread Solar Panels And Other Electronics

College student Tika Kafle (dealing with video camera) deals with the time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy setup. Credit: Cody Howard/University of Kansas. Envision printing electronic gadgets utilizing an easy inkjet printer... Read more »

Quantum Sensor Breakthrough Using Naturally Occurring Vibrations in Artificial Atoms

Atomistic structure of an artificial atom that might be utilized to produce light with vibrationally supressed changes for quantum-enhanced sensing units. Gerhard Klimeck, Insoo Woo, Muhammad Usman, David S.... Read more »

Quantum Information Gets a Boost from Thin-Film Breakthrough

An ingenious technique for managing single-photon emission for particular areas in 2D products might provide a brand-new course towards all-optical quantum computer systems and other quantum innovations. This image... Read more »

Tech Breakthrough to Allow 100-Times-Faster Internet

Groundbreaking brand-new technology permits super-fast internet by utilizing twisted beams to bring more information and procedure it much faster. Broadband fiber-optics bring details on pulses of light, at the... Read more »

Sewage Sludge Leads to Biofuels Breakthrough

This lake in Berkeley, California was one source of the toluene-producing enzyme (phenylacetate decarboxylase) found in the JBEI research study. (Credit: Chickmarkley). Scientists at the United States Department of... Read more »

Breakthrough Could Aid Development of Bee-Friendly Pesticides

Development might assist advancement of bee-friendly pesticides. A joint research study by the University of Exeter, Rothamsted Research Study and Bayer AG has actually found the enzymes in honeybees... Read more »