Basilisk running across water

Basilisk stumbling upon water Read more »

Jellyfish sting under microscope

Jellyfish sting under microscopic lense Read more »

European Research Council invests EUR 650 million in advanced frontier research

How does air contamination impact the advancement of child’s brains? Can ingenious heart regrowth treatments increase the long-lasting survival of cardiovascular disease victims? How did non-living matter progress into... Read more »

Someone in our school posted this up explaining the Na+/K+ pump

Somebody in our school published this up describing the Na+/ K+ pump Read more »

Mitosis under a fluorescence microscope (found in /r/educationalgifs)

Mitosis under a fluorescence microscopic lense (discovered in/ r/educationalgifs) Read more »

Is there life adrift in the clouds of Venus?

IMAGE: This is a a Venus Atmospheric Maneuverable Platform, or VAMP. The airplane, which would fly like an airplane and drift like a blimp, might assist check out the... Read more »


Tendons Read more »

Here is how root canal is done.

Here is how root canal is done. Read more »

Zoom from 1mm to 500nm

Zoom from 1mm to 500 nm Read more »

Frog metamorphosis

Frog transformation Read more »