Big Plans to Save the Planet Depend on Nanoscopic Materials Improving Energy Storage

The difficulty of constructing an energy future that maintains and enhances the planet is a huge endeavor. However everything hinges on the charged particles moving through undetectably little materials.... Read more »

NASA rover catches big whiff of methane on Mars—but where did it come from? | Science

NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS Recently, NASA’s Interest rover captured its strongest whiff yet of martian methane. While checking out a clay-rich area of the Red World, the rover found the greatest levels... Read more »

Small Currents for Big Gains in Spintronics

This diagram demonstrates how magnetization reverses in a GaMnAs crystal. Image: © 2019 Tanaka-Ohya Lab UTokyo scientists have actually produced an electronic part that shows functions and capabilities crucial... Read more »

Small Modulator for Big Data

Fiber- optical networks, the foundation of the web, depend on high-fidelity details conversion from electrical to the optical domain. The scientists integrated the very best optical product with ingenious... Read more »

The fight has begun over Europe’s big budget increase for science | Science

Research commissioner Carlos Moedas assured “radical change” to EU development policies the other day at an interview in Brussels. Georges Boulougouris/ © European Union, 2018 European universities are dissatisfied... Read more »