Antiseptic Resistance in Bacteria Could Lead to Next-Gen Plastics

Acinetobacter baumannii, which utilizes a protein called Acel to withstand hospital-grade antiseptic chlorhexidine. (c) CDC Australian-UK scientists determine ancient protein pumps that make bacteria difficult to reward – however... Read more »

Robot Arm Tastes With Engineered Bacteria

A robotic gripping arm that utilizes engineered bacteria to “taste” for a particular chemical has actually been established by engineers at the University of California, Davis, and Carnegie Mellon... Read more »

Gut bacteria may contribute to autism symptoms, mouse study finds | Science

Mice colonized with microorganisms from individuals with autism revealed autismlike symptoms, consisting of reduced social habits. Genes are an effective motorist of threat for autism, however some scientists... Read more »

The bacteria in your gut may reveal your true age | Science

Bacteroides are the most typical bacteria types discovered in the human digestive system. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/Science Source The billions of bacteria that call your gut house may aid control... Read more »

Researchers have found a new link between gut and brain.

By signaling to nerve cells in the brain, certain microbes in the gut slow a fruit fly’s walking pace, scientists report. Fruit flies missing those microbes — and that... Read more »

Young Children’s Oral Bacteria May Predict Obesity

The structure of oral microbiota– the collection of bacteria, consisting of useful bacteria, living in the mouth– in two-year-old kids may predict their weight gain, inning accordance with a... Read more »

Treating a koala-chlamydia epidemic | Popular Science

↑ KatieDahlhausen, biophysicsPh D. prospect at UC Davis In2015, I went to Australia to gather koala poo, which can teach us about their intricate microbiome. Bacteria in their guts... Read more »