‘Spidey Senses’ Could Help Autonomous Machines See Better – Science and Technology Research News

(Illustration by Taylor Callery) Download image What if drones and self-driving vehicles had the tingling “spidey senses” of Spider-Man? They may in fact discover and prevent things better, states Andres... Read more »

This Compact and Cheap Lidar Could Steer Small Autonomous Vehicles

A detailed-up have a look at a miniature optical beam steering part that guarantees to allow lighter and more cost effective autonomous automobiles. (Photograph: Kristinn Glyfason) For autonomous automobiles,... Read more »

Giving Keener “Electric Eyesight” to Autonomous Vehicles

MIT scientists have actually established a chip that leverages sub-terahertz wavelengths for things acknowledgment, which might be integrated with light-based image sensing units to assistance guide driverless automobiles through... Read more »

The Autonomous “Selfie Drone” – Science and Technology Research News

Skydio, a San Francisco-based start-up established by 3 MIT alumni, is advertising a self-governing video-capturing drone– called by some as the “selfie drone”– that tracks and movies a topic,... Read more »