Unprecedented drought in an artificial ecosystem may reveal how rainforests will cope with climate change | Science

The Biosphere 2 rain forest greenhouse, constructed in Arizona in the late 1980s, includes 90 plant types. ALPHA STOCK/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO Earlier this month, the doors to the tropical... Read more »

Artificial intelligence predicts which movies will succeed—and fail—simply from plot summaries | Science

TCD/Prod.DB/Alamy Stock Picture Artificial intelligence (AI) still can’t see the future, however a brand-new algorithm might come close: Utilizing absolutely nothing however composed motion picture summaries, the AI can... Read more »

Quantum Sensor Breakthrough Using Naturally Occurring Vibrations in Artificial Atoms

Atomistic structure of an artificial atom that might be utilized to produce light with vibrationally supressed changes for quantum-enhanced sensing units. Gerhard Klimeck, Insoo Woo, Muhammad Usman, David S.... Read more »

Using Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease – Science and Technology Research News

Using Devices to Discover the Reasons For Alzheimer’s Age-associated cognitive decrease­—or regular (non-pathological) cognitive aging­—is an essential human experience which varies in degree in between people. While some psychological... Read more »

Trump to launch artificial intelligence initiative, but many details lacking | Science

Artificial intelligence (AI) has actually ended up being a specifying problem of our time, impacting nationwide security, financial advancement, human rights, and social networks—for much better and even worse.... Read more »

UCLA Engineers Develop Artificial Intelligence Device That Identifies Objects at the Speed of Light

The network, made up of a series of polymer layers, works utilizing light that takes a trip through it. Each layer is 8 centimeters square. OzcanResearch Group/UCLA A group... Read more »

Artificial Intelligence Can Predict Your Personality… Simply by Tracking Your Eyes

It’s frequently been stated that the eyes are the window to the soul, exposing exactly what we believe and how we feel. Now, brand-new researchreveals that your eyes might... Read more »

Artificial intelligence has learned to probe the minds of other computers | Science

iStock.com/ uzenzen Anyone who’s had a discouraging interaction with Siri or Alexa understands thatdigital assistants just don’t get humans What they require is exactly what psychologists call theory of... Read more »

Accelerating the Exploration of Promising Artificial Intelligence Concepts

AIE Opportunities will concentrate on “third wave” theory and applications of expert system, with the objective of allowing devices to contextually adjust to altering circumstances. DARPA today revealed its... Read more »

Artificial intelligence reveals how U.S. stereotypes about women and minorities have changed in the past 100 years | Science

Debrocke/ClassicStock/Getty Images How do you determine the stereotypes of the past after the past is gone? You might read exactly what individuals composed and tally up the slurs, however... Read more »