An Interdisciplinary Approach to Accelerating Human-Machine Collaboration

Humatics co-founder and CEO David Mindell at Humatics head office in Waltham, MA. Image: Allegra Boverman David Mindell has actually invested his profession defying standard differences in between disciplines.... Read more »

Study Takes Personal Approach to Cochlear Implant Programming

Rene Gifford, PhD, deals with client Davy Hillis to program his cochlear implant. (picture by John Russell) Vanderbilt University Medical Center just recently got a $3.9 million grant from... Read more »

An Adaptive Approach to Stroke Recovery

A * STAR researchers have actually discovered a brand-new method to offer stroke clients useful feedback throughout rehab workouts targeted at bring back movement. For stroke clients, the long... Read more »

Design Approach Developed for New Catalysts for Energy Conversion and Storage

Northwestern University scientists have actually found a brand-new technique for producing essential brand-new drivers to assist in tidy energy conversion and storage. The style technique likewise has the prospective... Read more »