Better Microring Sensors for Optical Applications – Science and Technology Research News

An extraordinary surface-based sensing unit. The microring resonator is combined to a waveguide with an end mirror that partly shows light, which in turn boosts the level of sensitivity.... Read more »

NIST Nanopillars Shape Light Precisely for Practical Applications – Science and Technology Research News

Schematic programs an unique method to improve the homes of an ultrafast light pulse. An inbound pulse of light (left) is distributed into its different constituent frequencies, or colors,... Read more »

Broadening the Spectrum: A Professional-Quality Pin-Sized Sensor with Everyday Applications

New compact and low-priced gadgets might assist turn common cell phones into innovative analytical tools. Picture thanks to Zongfu Yu. Think of pointing your mobile phone at a salted... Read more »

Novel Nanomaterial Promises Improvements in Batteries and Many More Sustainable Applications

Today, imec, a world-leading research study and development center in nanoelectronics, energy, and digital innovations and KU Leuven, both partners in EnergyVille, present a novel nanomesh product that might... Read more »

Designing Tiny Semiconductor Particles for Wide-Ranging Applications

MoS2 quantum dots in liquid option (left) and an ultrahigh zoom of a MoS2 quantum dot (right). MoS2 quantum dots synthesised with the brand-new method established by NUS scientists... Read more »