We got the beat: Lemurs show vocal musical rhythm, a rarity in animal kingdom | Science

Rhythm, the stating goes—you either have it, or you don’t. Humans and songbirds do, however previously, the capability to vocalize to a beat hasn’t been observed in other places... Read more »

A Robot Recreates the Walk of a 300-Million-Year-Old Animal

Utilizing the fossil and fossilized footprints of a 300- million-year-old animal, an interdisciplinary group that consists of researchers from EPFL and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin have actually established a approach... Read more »

The bird voice box is one of a kind in the animal kingdom | Science

This male spotted bluethroat bursts into tune by triggering an organ deep in its throat. Hans Glader/MindenPictures The sweet-sounding call of lots of birds originates from a mystical organ... Read more »

Gene-editing Reduces Triglycerides, Cholesterol by Up to 50 Percent, Finds Penn Animal Study

Dr. Musunuru shows blood plasma samples from a mouse that received the ANGPTL3 CRISPR treatment (right) and a mouse that was untreated (left). The cloudiness of the sample on... Read more »