Advances in cryo-EM Materials May Aid Cancer and Biomedical Research – Science and Technology Research News

The Kelly Laboratory, in partnership with Protochips, Inc., has actually established brand-new custom-made substrates (cryo-ChipsTM ) for usage in cryo-Electron Microscopy. These substrates made it possible for structural research... Read more »

Fleets of Drones Could Aid Searches for Lost Hikers

. . . . Finding lost hikers in forests can be a challenging and prolonged procedure, as helicopters and drones can’t get a peek through the thick tree canopy.... Read more »

Breakthrough Could Aid Development of Bee-Friendly Pesticides

Development might assist advancement of bee-friendly pesticides. A joint research study by the University of Exeter, Rothamsted Research Study and Bayer AG has actually found the enzymes in honeybees... Read more »