Giant sauropod dinosaurs may have sported turtlelike beaks | Science

An artist’s conception of the sauropod Camarasaurus. Dorling Kindersley/Science Source BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA —Normally taller than 4 elephants and heftier than a jet airliner, sauropods are amongst the most well-known... Read more »

Girl Diagnosed with Fatal Brain Disease Gets a Tailor-Made Drug within a Year

When Mila Makovec was diagnosed with a unusual neurological condition at age 6, her diagnosis was grim. The condition, called Batten disease, is fatal, with death normally happening in... Read more »

No-deal Brexit data – should firms worry?

Image copyright Getty Images “Take steps now to keep receiving data legally from the EU.” That’s the message for organisations in a complete page federal government advert in the... Read more »

Physics Nobel honors the discovery of exoplanets and the evolution of the universe | Science

Kay Nietfeld/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images The 2019 Nobel Reward in Physics has actually been granted to 3 researchers for their discovery of worlds outside the planetary system and operate in understanding... Read more »

This Microbe Is Spreading Antibiotic Resistance to Other Bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is spreading quickly all over the world. When contagious bacteria alter in a particular method and after that increase, they can end up being resistant to even... Read more »

What makes people happy when skies are gray? The color yellow | Science

hdagli/iStockPhoto By Eva FrederickOct. 4, 2019 , 11: 20 AM Yellow is normally the color of happy, cheerful feelings. However according to a brand-new research study, not all people... Read more »

New AI Inspired by the Human Brain

Human Brain, the center of future AI A team of scientists from Bar Ilan University in Israel has declared that they have created a new kind of ultra-fast artificial... Read more »

Earth’s Magnetic Poles Can Flip Much More Often Than Anyone Thought

Hot liquid that churns around Earth’s external core powers a massive electromagnetic field that’s been hugging our world given that its infancy, safeguarding it from damaging solar radiation. However... Read more »

Microsoft joins project on ethical artificial intelligence

Microsoft is signing up with the OpenAI project to establish ethical applications of artificial intelligence utilizing its supercomputing platform Microsoft on Monday revealed a $1 billion financial investment in... Read more »

An app for eye disease, and planting memories in songbirds | Science

Jim Brendon/Flickr Host Sarah Crespi talks with undergraduate trainee Micheal Munson from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, about a smart device app that scans photos in the phone’s library... Read more »