Microsoft says error caused 'Tank Man' Bing censorship

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Tragic spring surge leads India to crank up coronavirus vaccine effort | Science

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Scientists reprogrammed bacteria to be immune to viruses

Scientists produced an artificial genome for a germs by stringing together foundation of DNA — and the brand-new genome made the microorganism immune to viral infection. Even when exposed... Read more »

Venus can’t wait—NASA plans blockbuster return to hothouse neighbor | Science

NASA has actually chosen to send out 2 brand-new robotic spacecraft to check out the environment and geology of Venus. IRINA DMITRIENKO/ALAMY STOCK PHOTO WASHINGTON, D.C.—Venus can no longer... Read more »

‘Wandering meatloaf’ creature has teeth of iron

An odd mollusk, passionately called the “wandering meatloaf,” has teeth made of an unusual iron mineral, formerly discovered just along rocky shorelines, a brand-new research study discovers.  Researchers identified... Read more »

Senate confirms Eric Lander to lead White House science shop | Science

The U.S. Senate today verified mathematician and geneticist Eric Lander as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Lander will likewise act as President... Read more »

Do animals hug each other?

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As plan for new U.S. health agency to speed treatments takes shape, doubts remain | Science

Francis Collins, director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, speaks throughout a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on 26 May, 2021. Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg by means of Getty Images Those carefully following President... Read more »

Despite fix, Apple has yet to address WebKit security bug affecting iPhone and MacOS

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