Weird quantum particles simulated in droplet of ultracold gas | Science

Heikka Valja In physics, theorists are typically way ahead of the curve in explaining exactly what unusual quantum particles might and must exist. Now, physicists in the United States... Read more »

In war zones and refugee camps, researchers are putting resilience interventions to the test | Science

In 2015, in the name of science, more than 800 teenage boys and girls in northern Jordan each allowed 100 strands of hair to be snipped from the crowns... Read more »

Ancient Greenland Shark Reveals Its Age in Eerie Underwater Video

. The Greenland shark is among the world’s biggest marine types, reaching lengths over 6 metres. But these fish, which choose the deep, cold waters of the Arctic and... Read more »

Maplin collapses as rescue talks fail

One of the UK’s biggest electronics retailers has collapsed into administration after talks with buyers failed to secure a sale. Maplin, which has more than 200 stores and 2,300... Read more »

Russian group hacked German government network

Germany’s dpa news firm reports that a Russian-backed hacker group has actually penetrated the German federal government’s protected computer system networks. Dpa pointed out unknown security sources stating the... Read more »

Beneath Biblical Prophet’s Tomb, An Archaeological Surprise

Seven engravings were discovered in looters’ tunnels dug beneath the ruined tomb of Jonah (among the tunnels is revealed here). Credit: Eleanor Robson . Deep inside looters’ tunnels dug... Read more »

Ocean array alters view of Atlantic ‘conveyor belt’ | Science

  Oceanographers have actually put a stethoscope on the surging circulatory system of the Atlantic Ocean, and they have actually discovered a skittish pulse that’s remarkably strong in the... Read more »

Babies get strokes too. Here’s how their brains recover|Science

AUSTIN — Strokes prevail in aging, however these disastrous occasions likewise strike babies. That’s most likely since birth is difficult and especially tough on the body’s capillary and flow. But... Read more »

Picasso painted over another artist’s work—and then over his own, new imaging reveals|Science

AUSTIN–Hidden below the brush strokes of Pablo Picasso’s 1902 oil painting LaMis éreuse accroupie(TheCrouching Beggar) lies the work of another Barcelona artist. And the underlying work appears to have... Read more »

Washington Street Palms in San Francisco

This is an example of a WordPress post, you might modify this to put info about yourself or your website so readers understand where you are originating from. You... Read more »