New dangers? Computers uncover 100,000 novel viruses in old genetic data | Science

It took simply one infection to maim the world’s economy and eliminate countless individuals; yet virologists approximate that trillions of still-unknown viruses exist, a number of which may be... Read more »

LG Energy Solution: Battery giant jumps in market debut

The company raised $10.6bn previously this month, making it the nation’s most significant stock market offering. Read more »

‘X particle’ from the dawn of time detected inside the Large Hadron Collider

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Mother jaguars may flirt to save their cubs’ lives | Science

It was virtually Valentine’s Day 2020, and love was within the air—jaguar love, that’s. A pair of the noticed large cats tumbled within the grass, sending throaty mating growls... Read more »

Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon could have a secret underground ocean

Scientists have discovered “compelling evidence” that Saturn’s “Death Star” moon is concealing an ocean simply below its surface area, advancing the look for possible life in our planetary system.... Read more »

EU nations quarrel over whether nuclear, gas are ‘green’

White steam billows from the Cattenom nuclear reactor in Cattenom, eastern France. Hours prior to the window for lodging objections closes, EU environment and energy ministers satisfying in France... Read more »

U.S. accepts plea by Arkansas scientist charged in controversial China Initiative | Science

A previous University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, engineering teacher today pleaded guilty to one count of lying to FBI about his status as a developer. In return, the U.S. federal... Read more »

Bizarre knotted DNA structures linked to cancer in mice

Oddly twisted and looped DNA structures might be linked to cancer, according to a brand-new research study in mice. DNA generally appears like a twisted ladder. But the loss... Read more »

Prosecutors drop China Initiative case against MIT’s Gang Chen | Science

A federal judge has actually dismissed charges against Gang Chen, a teacher of mechanical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) implicated of lying about his ties to... Read more »

Sony slides on Microsoft-Activision Blizzard tie-up plan

The offer would be a significant action for Microsoft’s Xbox video gaming brand name in its fight versus Sony’s PlayStation. Read more »