The EPA is tackling pollution in ‘Cancer Alley’

Residents of Louisiana’s “Cancer Alley,” a commercial passage along the Mississippi River, have actually long been encumbered pollution from chemical plants and oil and gas refineries.  Two months after... Read more »

Abandoned oil well counts are exploding — now that there’s money on the table

It’s long been an open trick that abandoned oil and gas wells are considerably undercounted in the United States. Now that the federal government is lastly using considerable financing... Read more »

Energy Department slammed for funding ‘false’ plastics solutions

The U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE, revealed today that it will invest $13.4 million in research study funding to deal with the plastic market’s contributions to contamination and... Read more »

Save the nukes?

In some methods, the nuclear rally appeared like what you may anticipate. A guy in a polar bear outfit waved a hand-painted indication. Local political leaders and activists provided... Read more »

Is the US uniquely bad at tackling climate change?

A Democratic president remained in the White House. The Democratic Party held a bulk of seats in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. But a single senator... Read more »

Republicans could get behind a green jobs program. Just not this one.

The future of the Civilian Climate Corps is up in the air.  In January, 2 weeks after taking workplace, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to develop a... Read more »

An illustrated guide to 2021’s pipeline battles

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A visual guide to this year’s heat domes, hurricanes, and wildfires

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Did we figure out how to make good ‘climate pop’ songs in 2021?

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The U.S. has officially stopped financing new coal plants abroad

The Biden administration has purchased an instant stop to federal help for new overseas nonrenewable fuel source jobs. It’s a plain turn-around considered that the U.S. has traditionally funneled... Read more »