As rising seas swamp South Carolina’s shores, some coastal communities are left unprotected

Bordered by a highway and flanked by previous commercial websites, the coastal neighborhood of Rosemont in Charleston, South Carolina, is house to generations of Black households. But as environment... Read more »

Hotter nights could cause a spike in deaths, study says

By completion of this century, hotter nights might add to a 60 percent boost in the international death rate, according to brand-new research study. A study in Lancet Planetary... Read more »

In defense of darkness

The start of the night at the McDonald Observatory can be frenzied. Jason Young, a checking out speaker in astronomy at Mount Holyoke, begins by tracking the steadiness of... Read more »

How a conservative US network undermined Indigenous energy rights in Canada

This story is a cooperation in between Floodlight, The Narwhal and the Guardian. It is republished here with approval. A U.S.-based libertarian union has actually invested years pushing the Canadian federal government to... Read more »

Forest Service announces emergency plan to save giant sequoias

The U.S. Forest Service will fast-track efforts to secure giant sequoias from wildfires, the firm revealed on Friday. The relocation enables the Forest Service to instantly thin the forest... Read more »

The search for the source of plastic pollution

This story was released in collaboration with InvestigateWest. On an overcast Saturday in Seattle, a group of volunteers combs a little area of the beach at Golden Gardens Park... Read more »

California regulators try to salvage system for allowing ‘extreme’ pollution

This is the 2nd in a two-part series about oil and gas emissions in the San Joaquin Valley initially released by Capital and Main. Read the 2nd story here.... Read more »

California lawmakers are ready to decarbonize the shipping industry. The technology isn’t there yet.

Late last month, Long Beach, California, signed onto a historical effort to tidy up the shipping market when city board members all passed a resolution to reach 100 percent... Read more »

How a 50-year-old PR strategy influenced the Supreme Court’s EPA decision

It was a hard time to be working for the chemical market as a public relations supervisor. In June of 1962, Rachel Carson had actually released Silent Spring, a... Read more »

The Supreme Court’s climate decision came out of a decades-long campaign to kneecap regulation

The Supreme Court released a extremely prepared for decision earlier today that constrains the federal government’s capability to control greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. In West Virginia v.... Read more »