A Florida city wanted to move away from fossil fuels. The state just made sure it couldn’t.

This reporting by Livescience.Tech and ADAPT is a cooperation in collaboration with Floodlight. In January, Tampa was set to end up being the 12th city in Florida to set... Read more »

A stronger electricity grid is crucial to cutting carbon. Does that make it green?

This story is part of the series Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia, which checks out the course to low-carbon energy for British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. This task is produced... Read more »

Climate change is making poison ivy stronger and itchier

Poison ivy is a component of the landscape in eastern North America and parts of Asia. The poisonous, rash-causing weed grows in rocky protrusions, open fields, and at the... Read more »

What counts as a heat wave? It’s a life-or-death question.

You understand a heat wave when you feel it — oppressively heat that makes you desperate for a cold beverage, or even better, a/c.  But pin down what counts... Read more »

Carbon IOUs? A new plan to make companies pay back their climate debt

The mathematics of climate modification is unforgiving. Scientists price quote that the world can just discharge a couple of hundred billion metric heaps more co2 into the environment prior... Read more »

America’s schools are crumbling. Fixing them could save lives — and the planet.

This story about school structures was produced by The Hechinger Report, a not-for-profit, independent wire service concentrated on inequality and development in education. Sign up for Hechinger’s newsletter. Before the COVID-19 pandemic... Read more »

Will history repeat in a dry Klamath Basin this summer?

This story was initially released by High Country News and is recreated here as part of the Climate Desk cooperation. In mid-May, Klamath Tribal members and fans stood at... Read more »

Remember snow days? Today’s kids get heat days.

Things need to be truly bad to cancel the yearly 5th grade-versus-faculty kickball video game. Last Monday, thermometers at Dyer Elementary School in Portland, Maine, signed up 93 degrees... Read more »

The Line 3 pipeline protests are about much more than climate change

Frank Bibeau keeps in mind canoeing on the waters of northern Minnesota with his dad on a late summertime day in 1996. The sky and placid lake extended to... Read more »

Big Oil is awash in rainbows for Pride Month

June is Pride Month, and Corporate America won’t let you forget it. Every year around strawberry season, social networks is flooded with logo designs dressed up in rainbow colors,... Read more »