Cicadas like to be on time. But are they getting confused by climate change?

America’s preferred teens are back. Brood X, a group of 17-year “magicicadas” (yes, that’s brief for “magic cicadas”) have actually begun to emerge from the soil all over the... Read more »

Why renewable electricity powers decarbonization — and pays off

This story belongs to the series Getting to Zero: Decarbonizing Cascadia, which checks out the course to low-carbon energy for British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. This job is produced in... Read more »

Deb Haaland is making room for marginalized communities in the Interior Department

Newly designated Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland has actually vowed to attend to the issues of U.S. communities that have actually disproportionately experienced contamination and ecological destruction. In... Read more »

‘It’s a historic moment’ — Pete Buttigieg on EV chargers, lead pipes, and the promise of infrastructure

Pete Buttigieg has actually ended up being the de facto buzz guy for Joe Biden’s recently launched $2 trillion infrastructure strategy. A lot of the proposed costs — for roadway... Read more »

Migrant children are being held in toxic U.S. detention centers

President Joe Biden’s administration has actually represented its migration policy as a gentle departure from current precedent. In a March instruction at the White House, Department of Homeland Security... Read more »

Cutting your carbon footprint matters a lot — if you’re rich

It was the summertime of 2012 when sustainability researcher Kimberly Nicholas chose she couldn’t live like this any longer. She was going to a environment modification conference in Austria,... Read more »

The ‘army of environmental super voters’ is growing, and marching on city hall

This story was initially released by HuffPost and is recreated here as part of the Climate Desk cooperation. Nathaniel Stinnett introduced the Environmental Voter Project in 2015 to solve a basic however tremendously essential contradiction.... Read more »

Bitcoin is hard to understand. So is its carbon footprint.

Get your everyday dosage of great news from Livescience.Tech Subscribe to The Beacon In 2013, we discovered that Bitcoin mining may be bad for the environment, because the procedure... Read more »

These Girl Scouts are saving wild bees, one ‘hotel’ at a time

Get your everyday dosage of excellent news from Livescience.Tech Subscribe to The Beacon Last month, countless youth activists worldwide required to the streets to eliminate for their right to... Read more »

CNN and the New York Times skip climate change in the fourth Democratic debate

Get your daily dose of good news from Livescience.Tech Subscribe to The Beacon Moderators of the three previous Democratic primary debates caught a lot of flak from ecological supporters... Read more »