Ultrafast switching in a quantum electronic device

Electronic circuits that compute and store information contain millions of tiny switches that control the flow of electric current. A deeper understanding of how these tiny switches work could... Read more »

Main attraction: Scientists create world’s thinnest magnet

IMAGE: Illustration of magnetic coupling in a cobalt-doped zinc-oxide monolayer. Red, blue, and yellow spheres represent cobalt, oxygen, and zinc atoms, respectively. view more  Credit: Berkeley Lab The advancement of... Read more »

Lean and mean: Building a multifunctional pressure sensor with 3D printing technology

IMAGE: A group of researchers from South Korea establish a unique, multi-directional pressure sensor combined with a temperature level sensor utilizing 3D printing technology that is affordable and scalable to... Read more »

Tiny but mighty precipitates toughen a structural alloy

Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, have actually discovered a method to concurrently increase the strength and ductility of... Read more »

New technology and partnerships to aid scientists facing critical global challenges

IMAGE: Professor Richard Palmer and Dr. Yubiao Niu from Swansea University with the new nanoparticle instrument at Diamond Light Source. view more  Credit: Henry Hoddinott. A new cutting edge instrument... Read more »

Nanotech OLED electrode liberates 20% more light, could slash display power consumption

A brand-new electrode that could maximize 20% more light from natural light-emitting diodes has actually been established at the University of Michigan. It could assistance extend the battery life... Read more »

Breathing new life into existing tech: FT-IR spectrometer shows molecular orientation

IMAGE: 3D printable optical setup with built-in pattern chamber for a FT-IR spectrometer. Sample is placed on the Si ATR crystals for measurement. view more  Credit: ©M. Takahashi & Ok.... Read more »

One step towards a daily-use deep UV light source for sterilization and disinfection

IMAGE: Schematic of GaN monolithic microcavity Second-Harmonic Generation (SHG) gadget on a Si pedestal structure. view more  Credit: Osaka University Osaka, Japan – Researchers from the Graduate School of Engineering... Read more »

Super productive 3D bioprinter could help speed up drug development

IMAGE: The high-throughput 3D bioprinting setup carrying out prints on a basic 96-well plate. view more  Credit: Biofabrication A 3D printer that quickly produces big batches of customized biological tissues... Read more »

World’s smallest, best acoustic amplifier emerges from 50-year-old hypothesis

IMAGE: Scientists Matt Eichenfield, left, and Lisa Hackett led the group at Sandia National Laboratories that produced the world’s smallest and best acoustic amplifier. view more  Credit: Bret Latter, Sandia... Read more »