Study reveals that italian adolescents are heavy consumers of caffeine

More than three-quarters (76%) of Italian teenagers who finished confidential surveys taken in caffeine daily and almost half (46%) went beyond the ceilings advised by the American Academy of... Read more »

Tattoos Last Forever Because Your Immune Cells Are Hungry for Dead Skin

. You can thank your body immune system for numerous things– such as avoiding your body from developing into an alien fungi or allowing you to live beyond a... Read more »

Changing size of neurons could shed light on new treatments for motor neurone disease

Brand-new research study released in The Journal of Physiology enhances our understanding of how motor afferent neuron (nerve cells) react to motor neurone illness, which might assist us determine... Read more »

Weekend heart attacks twice as likely to kill young patients

Milan, Italy – 3 March 2018: Young cardiovascular disease clients are two times as most likely to pass away if they are confessed to healthcare facility throughout the weekend... Read more »

The 5 ‘New’ Types of Diabetes, Explained

Diabetes just got a little more complicated, or clearer, depending on your perspective. Researchers in Scandinavia have proposed classifying diabetes as five types of disease, rather than two... Read more »

Multiphoton Microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

IMAGE: This essay concentrates on contemporary femtosecond laser microscopic lens for 2 photon imaging and nanoprocessing, on laser tweezers for cell micromanipulation along with on fluorescence life time imaging... Read more »

Distortive effects of short distance photographs on nasal appearance: The selfie effect

IMAGE: Picture A is taken at 12 inches; picture B is taken at 60 inches. see more Credit: Boris Paskhover Does my mobile phone make my nose appearance huge?... Read more »

Why premature cell division promotes cancers

IMAGE: The duplication (green) and transcription (brown) equipments are concurrently active on the genes bring a duplication origin, leading to accidents and DNA breaks. see more Credit: UNIGE The... Read more »

Can Smart Tools Outsmart The Smartest Virus On The Planet?

Over the past months, the smartest virus on the planet once again made it to the headlines — people of all ages have died from the flu, even the healthy ones... Read more »

Can We Outsmart The Smartest Virus On The Planet?

Humans have battled viruses for thousands of years — just like the perpetual battle of good and evil. There seems to be news about a new or re-emerging pathogen... Read more »