U.S. allows Merck’s COVID-19 pill amid safety, variant concerns

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday authorized another brand-new pill to deal with the Omicron variant, this time from Merck. While Pfizer’s antiviral may prove to... Read more »

Smartphone gaming can be harmful for some seeking relief from boredom

Smartphone gaming can be harmful to gamers who video game to leave their unfavorable state of mind and sensations of boredom, a brand-new research study has actually discovered. Researchers... Read more »

Primary care practice characteristics make little impact on unplanned hospital admissions

Given the aging world population, there is global interest in assisting older individuals live longer and much healthier lives. Avoiding unplanned hospital admissions is an essential element of care... Read more »

Study sheds light on mechanism of liposome accumulation in tumors

IMAGE: Dmitri Simberg, PhD see more  Credit: CU Cancer Center The brand-new study, entitled “Liposomal Extravasation and Accumulation in Tumors as Studied by Fluorescence Microscopy and Imaging Depend on the... Read more »

Poorer survival in obese colorectal cancer patients possibly linked to lower chemotherapy doses

Lugano, Switzerland, 2 July 2021 – Obese patients with colorectal cancer get lower cumulative doses of adjuvant chemotherapy, relative to their body area (BSA), than non-obese patients, reveal arise... Read more »

Application of postbiotics science and technology

Postbiotics: Science, Technology, and Applications discusses necessary and useful understanding about postbiotics. Chapters cover the meaning and category of postbiotics, primary approaches for preparing them, details about the primary... Read more »

The Challenge of Covid-19 Vaccines for the Immunosuppressed

COVID VACCINATION IN the US has been framed as a binary: People either seek out the inoculation, or they distrust the formula—or the politics that produced it—and reject the shot.... Read more »

Robot-assisted surgery: Putting the reality in virtual reality

Cardiac cosmetic surgeons might have the ability to much better strategy operations and enhance their surgical field view with the aid of a robot. Controlled through a virtual reality... Read more »

Radiotracer effective for detection and assessment of lung fibrosis

IMAGE: A) Axial CT images through the mouse lungs at 7 and 14 days after intratracheal administration of bleomycin or saline (as a control), showing increased lung fibrosis in the... Read more »

Cells/colony motion index of oral keratinocytes predicts epithelial regenerative capacity

IMAGE: The optical circulation (OF) algorithm was used to the image division and analysis of very first passaged (p1) oral keratinocyte cultures to examine general cell/nest development and motion speed.... Read more »