Iron nail in copper sulphate solution

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A Receiver for Touch Communication

The no power receiver is the brain kid of Michele Magno. (Picture: ETH Zurich/ P. Rüegg) ” The technique depends on collecting the essential energy to get a wake-up... Read more »

Five rad and random items to entertain your kids

The Steve Spangler Super Slime set lets you produce and color your very own slime. There are 6 colors to select from, consisting of clear glass, hot pink, neon... Read more »

Dust storm over Tempe Terra, Mars

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Gene-editing Reduces Triglycerides, Cholesterol by Up to 50 Percent, Finds Penn Animal Study

Dr. Musunuru shows blood plasma samples from a mouse that received the ANGPTL3 CRISPR treatment (right) and a mouse that was untreated (left). The cloudiness of the sample on... Read more »

Slime Mold in Residence | The Scientist Magazine®

One side of a Petri dish is coated in sugar; the other in protein. The slime mold Physarum polycephalum fares better without a border between the two sides, the... Read more »

Fluid flow around a starfish larvae

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Method for Predicting Dirac Points Developed, Helping Next-Generation Electronics Research

Figure 1: This diagram reveals the electronic band structure of palladium ditelluride. Band crossings are suggested in red, and Dirac points are viewed as sharp peaks. © 2018 RIKEN... Read more »

Ammonium dichromate volcano

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A New Way to Combine Soft Materials

An unmodified hydrogel (left) peels off easily from an elastomer. A chemically-bonded hydrogel and elastomer (right) are tough to peel apart, leaving residue behind (Image courtesy of Suo Lab/Harvard... Read more »