A New Way to Combine Soft Materials

An unmodified hydrogel (left) peels off easily from an elastomer. A chemically-bonded hydrogel and elastomer (right) are tough to peel apart, leaving residue behind (Image courtesy of Suo Lab/Harvard... Read more »

[Biology] Macrophage engulfing bacteria – from Science Photo Library

[Biology] Macrophage engulfing bacteria – from Science Photo Library Read more »

Cancer-fighting Nanorobots Programmed to Seek and Destroy Tumors

Thrombin can block tumor blood flow by clotting the blood within the vessels that feed tumor growth, causing a sort of tumor mini-heart attack, and leading to tumor tissue... Read more »

The right kind of pessimism can have a positive effect on your life

How many times have you been told that something great will happen as long as you believe it is possible? From pop psychology books to self-improvement seminars and blogs,... Read more »

Fat Cells Travel to Heal Wounds in Flies

Formerly thought about stable, these cells swoop into seal epithelial holes and tidy up cellular sediment. Lethal cells (intense red nuclei), are swept to the injury periphery by inbound... Read more »

Tree Of Saturn Experiment By NileRed

Tree Of Saturn Experiment By NileRed Read more »

Academics Protest China’s Censorship Requests

ISTOCK, NIRODESIGN M ore than 1,000 individuals from worldwide have actually signed a petition contacting significant journal publishers not to censor their offerings within China in action to governmental... Read more »

Thrill-seeking personalities can help Olympic athletes win gold

O ne of the primary draws of the Winter Olympics is the chance to witness a few of the most interesting and nail-biting athletic tasks. The bold occasions consist... Read more »