Scientists study organization of life on a planetary scale — LiveScience.Tech

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The DIY designer baby project funded with Bitcoin

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China’s research in artificial intelligence ‘far outranks’ Huawei threat, expert says

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Climate change could make corals go it alone — LiveScience.Tech

Climate change is bad news for reef worldwide, with high ocean temperature levels triggering extensive whitening occasions that compromise and eliminate corals. Nevertheless, brand-new research study from The University... Read more »

IBM Unveils World’s First Integrated Quantum Computing System for Commercial Use

At the 2019 Customer Electronic Devices Program (CES), IBM today revealed IBM Q System One™, the world’s first integrated universal approximate quantum computing system created for clinical... Read more »

The biggest technology failures of 2018

It was the year that technology– and individuals who develop it– relatively might do no right, and did much that was incorrect. As one of my sources put it... Read more »

Victoria has high hopes of becoming cannabis bowl of Australia

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Record-breaking salamander — LiveScience.Tech

Scientists at UT have actually found the biggest person of any cavern salamander in The United States And Canada, a 9.3-inch specimen of Berry Cavernsalamander The finding was released... Read more »

New class of solar cells, using lead-free perovskite materials — LiveScience.Tech

Lead-based perovskites currently acquired much attention as appealing materials for low-cost and high-efficiency solar cells. Nevertheless, the intrinsic instability and the toxicity of lead (Pb) have actually raised major... Read more »

Rare waterbirds, Little Bitterns, head south in search of drought refuge

Upgraded. January 21, 2019 08: 02:06 Photo: Measuring about 35cm long, Australian Little Bitterns are small and even lesser-known. (Supplied: Andrew Silcocks) Rare waterbirds seem progressively moving into South... Read more »