Meeting sleep recommendations could lead to smarter snacking — LiveScience.Tech

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Electricity has become a jigsaw in Australia and coal isn’t best to fill the missing pieces

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Architectural engineering team investigated the effects of physical distancing, building ventilation as control strategies — LiveScience.Tech

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Ancient Aboriginal technology unearthed in rare bone discovery on Ngarrindjeri country

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Using excess discretionary time on productive activities can help bolster well-being — LiveScience.Tech

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Mental health need increases amid long waitlists for professional help, sharp rise in emergency presentations

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Regent honeyeaters are so rare that young birds aren’t learning their own song

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Edoxaban may be effective treatment for atrial fibrillation after transcatheter aortic valve replacement — LiveScience.Tech

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Florida teen Graham Clark pleads guilty to hacking Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, celebrities

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