What keeps cells in shape? New research points to two types of motion — LiveScience.Tech

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Remains of Viking ship found in Norwegian paddock under lost burial mound

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Organic farming produces higher greenhouse gas emissions, research finds – Science News

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Prime Minister’s science prizes go to trailblazing mathematician and anti-cancer drug team – Science News

A mathematician has actually won the 2019 Prime Minister’s Reward for Science for her contributions to pure mathematics. Her work went on to impact how we keep details safe... Read more »

Letting kids play with discarded objects is great for their bodies and minds, and not as risky as you might think – Health

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What is The Schiller’s Effect and How it Makes Stones Seem Lighted Up Internally?

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Brain-controlled exoskeleton helps paralysed man learn to walk again in technological breakthrough

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No need to cut down red and processed meat, controversial findings suggest — LiveScience.Tech

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Rewilding pits devils against possums, wombats native to Maria Island, showing a rapid change of behaviour

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A black hole’s warped world — LiveScience.Tech

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