Endangered marsupial gets fresh chance after 12 kowaris released in outback SA reserve

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Botanical extract shows promise as an alternative to drug therapy — LiveScience.Tech

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Do ‘bouncing universes’ have a beginning? Some cosmological models propose that the universe expands and contracts in infinite cycles, but new research finds a crucial flaw in the latest version of this theory — LiveScience.Tech

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Dog baiting on Sunshine Coast investigation ramps up as deaths sicken owners

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How pathogenic gene variants lead to heart failure — LiveScience.Tech

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Regional towns look to community batteries as renewable energy solution

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New smartphone clip-on can detect Zika virus in blood samples — LiveScience.Tech

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DNA sample and missing persons report sparks probe into Ronald Peter Owen’s disappearance

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No, scientists still don’t know what dark matter is. But MSU scientists helped uncover new physics while looking for it. — LiveScience.Tech

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Australia has more than 5,000 species of fish. Why do we eat so few?

Two-thirds of the fish Australians eat is squandered. After the fillets are taken, the rest is typically gotten rid of. Such bad healing influence on cost. “You’re paying for... Read more »