‘X particle’ from the dawn of time detected inside the Large Hadron Collider

Physicists at the world’s biggest atom smasher have detected a mystical, primitive particle from the dawn of time. About 100 of the temporary “X” particles — so called since... Read more »

Saturn’s ‘Death Star’ moon could have a secret underground ocean

Scientists have discovered “compelling evidence” that Saturn’s “Death Star” moon is concealing an ocean simply below its surface area, advancing the look for possible life in our planetary system.... Read more »

EU nations quarrel over whether nuclear, gas are ‘green’

White steam billows from the Cattenom nuclear reactor in Cattenom, eastern France. Hours prior to the window for lodging objections closes, EU environment and energy ministers satisfying in France... Read more »

Bizarre knotted DNA structures linked to cancer in mice

Oddly twisted and looped DNA structures might be linked to cancer, according to a brand-new research study in mice. DNA generally appears like a twisted ladder. But the loss... Read more »

Dramatic photos show horrific aftermath of massive Tonga eruption and tsunami

New aerial photos show a blanket of dust and ash covering the Pacific country of Tonga following a massive undersea volcanic eruption.  On Saturday (Jan. 15), the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano,... Read more »

Infamous Mars meteorite contains organic molecules. But they aren’t proof of life.

Organic particles discovered in a Mars meteorite that crash-landed on Earth are not indications of life, but rather formed in chain reactions in between water and rock on the... Read more »

FAA sets rules for some Boeing 787 landings near 5G service

A Dreamliner 787-10 getting here from Los Angeles brings up to a gate at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, N.J., Monday, Jan. 7, 2019. Federal security authorities are... Read more »

NASA’s Perseverance rover is clogged up with pebbles

A little stack of pebbles is blocking up the Perseverance Mars rover’s operations.  The rover, which is gathering rock samples for ultimate go back to Earth, started to have... Read more »

How do energy saving light bulbs work?

Energy saving light bulbs were created as a greener option to standard bulbs, requiring 90% less electrical energy to produce the exact same light, according to the Centre of... Read more »

Stephen Hawking would have been 80 today. Google Doodle honors famous physicist.

The pioneering work of physicist Stephen Hawking is honored in a Google Doodle today (Jan. 8), consisting of a video with Hawking’s prices estimate about whatever from cosmology to... Read more »