California lawmakers are ready to decarbonize the shipping industry. The technology isn’t there yet.

Late last month, Long Beach, California, signed onto a historical effort to tidy up the shipping market when city board members all passed a resolution to reach 100 percent... Read more »

From the North Pole to the Amazon: 4 new documentaries, reviewed

This week, the Mountainfilm Festival — a yearly event of the indomitable spirit of ecological activists and outside travelers — started in Telluride, Colorado. The celebration will be revealing... Read more »

Energy Department slammed for funding ‘false’ plastics solutions

The U.S. Department of Energy, or DOE, revealed today that it will invest $13.4 million in research study funding to deal with the plastic market’s contributions to contamination and... Read more »

Report: Plastic is on track to become a bigger climate problem than coal

Plastic penetrates the oceans, mess garbage dumps, and threatens to produce a “near-permanent contamination of the natural environment,” according to scientists. As if that weren’t bad enough, it is... Read more »

The World Health Organization’s new air quality guidelines ‘could save millions of lives’

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization, or WHO, released an upgrade to its air quality guidelines — the worldwide rubric that sets non-binding requirements for safe levels of air... Read more »

LA County moves to ban oil and gas drilling

When it comes to stopping oil and gas drilling, the Golden State has actually often disappointed its deep green track record. But that might be altering after managers in... Read more »

Medical journals warn of an even bigger health threat than COVID

COVID-19 has actually overthrown every day life like absolutely nothing else this century. It has actually shuttered economies, plunged millions into financial unpredictability, and eliminated 4.5 million and counting... Read more »