Screening for ovarian cancer did not reduce early deaths — LiveScience.Tech

A large-scale randomised trial of annual screening for ovarian cancer, led by UCL researchers, did not succeed in reducing deaths from the disease, despite one of the screening methods... Read more »

New research outlines a critical driver in an immune cell’s defense against melanoma

IMAGE: Photo of Ryan O’Connell, PhD, and Warren Voth, PhD see more  Credit: Huntsman Cancer Institute SALT LAKE CITY – Today in Nature Communications, scientists at Huntsman Cancer Institute at... Read more »

What does chipageddon have to do with climate change?

What do COVID, a dry spell in Taiwan and China-United States stress have in typical? They’re all contributing to “chipageddon”. It’s a global phenomenon ruining automobile and computer system... Read more »

18.5 million year old vine fossil identified as new species — LiveScience.Tech

An 18.5 million-year-old fossil found in Panama provides evidence of a new species and is the oldest reliable example of a climbing woody vine known as a liana from... Read more »

Study uncovers potentially avoidable acute care use for vaccine-preventable illnesses in lupus patients

A brand-new study released in Arthritis Care & Research shows that couple of people with the autoimmune illness lupus who were openly guaranteed through Medicaid got advised vaccines in... Read more »

New calculations show the rise due to warming would be 30% above forecasts — LiveScience.Tech

Global sea level rise associated with the possible collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has been significantly underestimated in previous studies, meaning sea level in a warming world... Read more »

Dog owner threatens High Court action to keep his ‘babies’ in luxury Gold Coast high-rise

A Gold Coast dog owner is ready to battle his body business in the High Court to keep his 2 cocker spaniels in his Southport high-rise. Key points: Dog... Read more »

Study finds people of color more likely to participate in cancer clinical trials

People of color, those with a greater earnings and more youthful people are more likely to participate in clinical trials throughout their cancer treatment according to a brand-new study... Read more »

RNA scientists identify many genes involved in neuron development — LiveScience.Tech

Neurons result from a highly complex and unique series of cell divisions. For example, in fruit flies, the process starts with stem cells that divide into mother cells (progenitor... Read more »

Should my cat wear a mask? Is the vaccine vegan? Here some of your most interesting COVID-19 questions we answered

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