Save the nukes?

In some methods, the nuclear rally appeared like what you may anticipate. A guy in a polar bear outfit waved a hand-painted indication. Local political leaders and activists provided... Read more »

Remember snow days? Today’s kids get heat days.

Things need to be truly bad to cancel the yearly 5th grade-versus-faculty kickball video game. Last Monday, thermometers at Dyer Elementary School in Portland, Maine, signed up 93 degrees... Read more »

The climate-inspired detente on the Colorado

Get your everyday dosage of great news from Livescience.Tech Register For The Beacon For the very first time in history, low water levels on the Colorado River have actually... Read more »

The ticket to 100% renewable power is underneath our feet

Assist us raise $35k by 6/8! Every contribution matched. Discover More. Contribute Now Picture if there was a carbon-free type of energy hiding in the ground underneath you. One... Read more »

Are you biased against nuclear power? Yup, say scientists

In the 1970s, you couldn’t leave the Pepsi Obstacle on TELEVISION. Blindfolded males and females took sips of Pepsi and its better-known archrival without understanding which was which and... Read more »

It’s time for California to let some of its thirsty farmland go

Some half a million acres of the most efficient farming area in the world — California’s San Joaquin Valley — will have to fall fallow, a brand-new report states.... Read more »