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  1. When I was in the Army we were issued thermite grenades to destroy crypto/comsec. In training we put the thermite grenade on the hood of old military vehicles and walked away. They told us not to look at it as it could burn our retinas, of course we all did for at least a second.

    The thermite just sort of dropped straight through the engine block.

  2. My version of the starlite material was inspired by a video from “nighthawkinlight” about 1 year ago. His recipe used glue, baking soda and corn starch.

    So far my version of this stuff has withstood my most severe test of 300g of thermite plus a 5 min direct flame burn.

    You can see the whole video that I cut apart for this sub here.

    I also have a recipe in the form of a video here

    The version I came up with after getting sent home from college due to corona uses flour (still waiting on amazon for wheat gluten extract.) borax, baking soda, corn starch, sugar, and water. Ive also optimized the mixing to achieve the best consistency. I’ve also been messing with other fillers like chalk, fine sawdust, and activated carbon. The carbon is the most promising so far…. but damn.. quarantine has left me with a lot of time…

    When the carbon containing chemicals burn, they char, forming a layer of carbon on the outside surface. The baking soda releases CO2 gas when it’s heated. The borax forms a sort of glassy crust. When those three things combine under high heat, they froth and make a very effective insulating Layer.

    I asked some fighter fighters in another sub what kinds of other tests they thought would be a good idea. And for the next test I concluded I will make two identical fire chimneys, and coat one in the material and leave one alone.

    I believe this stuff would be a very effective and cheap layer that could be applied to the areas between floors, and behind walls. The idea is, if the uncoated Materials that are burning in a room burn out or it gets extinguished before the this material fails, it will help reduce total losses in the event of a house fire

    If you guys can give any suggestions, i would love to hear them.

  3. Where does one acquire thermite without getting added to a government list? Asking for a friend.

  4. There is one issue with starlite made this way. It is highly ineffective in oxidizing environments. As long as you keep i reducing, for example by the thermite flame, it should all be fine. If you were to set up a fan though an blow air on there, the Starlite would disappear

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