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  1. I was playing a Need for Speed racing game on a gameboy as a kid.

    I switched from Auto to Manual because I thought how the game was so stupid. So I start a new race and immediately shift up to 8th and obviously went nowhere.

    My philosophy was that top speed is the highest gear so why not just go straight to that gear?

  2. I like how they’re wearing gloves as if to protect the delicate machines, but then let them roll right off the edge of the table to fall to the floor.

  3. And the only (major) draw back is the reduced top speed right? Since the wheels won’t be spinning as fast due to the gear reduction

    EDIT: I should’ve used the word “trade off” instead of drawback

  4. This doesn’t show **how** adding a gear changes anything, it only shows **that** changing a gear changes power transfer. It’s not really educational, just demonstrational.

  5. Yeah, this is the reason that the (rarely hard-driven) Prius is still a pretty fun car in spite of the shit horsepower: electric motors have their maximum torque at zero RPM, and the pseudo-CVT is like an huge number of gears.

  6. ELI15:

    Power is your budget. Gearing is your balance sheet. Speed and torque are what you can buy with the currency of power. Power is preserved through gearing (ignoring frictional losses and all that noise), the same way your total budget doesn’t change based on how you decide to spend it.

    In this analogy, you have to spend your entire budget exactly. And I’m ignoring the accelerator, so the total budget doesn’t change without changing the engine.

    The unique relationship between speed, torque, and power is multiplicative, power is proportional (not equal) to torque **times** speed. So if you double your torque, you must half your speed to meet the limitation of your budget. If you quadruple your speed, you must quarter your torque.

    Torque is how hard you push. Speed is how fast you go.

    More horsepower is a larger budget.

    So in this video, both cars have the same budget (power). The one with the gear changes the balance sheet to allocate more budget to how hard it’s pushing. Given the use case, this is probably wise.

    Some people are discussing which is better, torque or power. That’s a little strange to me. It’s like if a kid wanted two candies (A and B), and prefers candy A, and you ask them, “which would you rather have, allocate more of your pocket money to candy A, or more pocket money?” Uh.

    More horsepower will give you more budget to spend on the two, regardless of how your balance sheet is divided. Comparing torque and speed makes more sense, because those are your two options of how to cleverly allocate your budget.

    But the same way you can’t budget your way out of poverty, HP isn’t something you can just ignore. You should buy a car with enough HP to meet your perceived needs. If you want more torque from a standard car, you’ll probably need more HP. You can’t gear your way out of a deficiency in overall power.

  7. it’s all about the torque! I ignore hp in buying a new car. Who needs top speed unless you’re racing. Acceleration gets you safer through traffic.

  8. This proves nothing, everyone knows that houses with red roofs weigh more. The uphill test is obviously cgi.

  9. We did mouse trap cars in high school with different events (distance, acceleration and pulling) I made 3 different sets of wheels which wasn’t outlawed in the instructions and destroyed everyone.

  10. Can someone ELI5 this as it relates to electric cars? The instant torque of my electric car makes it the fastest car I’ve ever used. It feels so fast (because it is) and power immediate.

  11. I saw there wasn’t any voice over, so i went to the comment section to find a link to the video. Find the link and went to the full length video, however there is no voice over. Why do people put double visual information on screen at the same time? Heres a photo example with text below, sure hope you can look at both in the time it takes to take in just one!

  12. I once read on Reddit that horsepower means how fast you can hit the fence and torque means how far you’ll be able to drag it. No idea if it does work that way but I liked the words.

  13. There was a kid I knew who would only ever drive his 21 speed bike in the top gear. Like nearly impossible to get it started because of the gear ratio. Said that top gear was the fastest and would use less energy. Ok man, you’re giving yourself a hernia just to get your bike rolling on a flat street.

  14. the question is how much more weight will the car with higher torque need to be to match the unmodified car

  15. Ok so here is something people don’t understand.

    Horsepower is work potential.
    Torque is rotational strength.

    Just like a car that has 150hp is not 150x faster than a horse and it cannot be. It’s just can do a much work as 150 mining horses at the turn off 19th century. If you rig that car up to pull a mining hoist, it will pull 150x more ore from the mine then a single work horse would.

    Now that can be 75x the weight of ore at 2x the speed or 300x the weight of ore at 1/2 the speed.

    However, if you have a hoist that holds 300x the weight and a transmission that pulls at 2x the speed it will not lift it. It will stall. You need a 600hp engine, slower transmission, or less load.

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